Frequently Asked Questions

You can register on our website. Once successfully registered and approved, you will receive a confirmation email. You can start sending payments straight away.

Kindly login to and visit referal section to refer friends and family and get a reward for you and them.

1. Start by checking the relevant exchange rate being offered on our website and enter the desired send or receive amount.

2. You will then be informed of the total amount to be paid to Tranzfar (including any fees).

3. Create a new recipient or select an existing one.

4. Complete the transaction by making payment to Tranzfar via desired payment method.

Tranzfar will send you two email confirmations.

The first email confirmation will be sent once your payment Tranzfar has been successfully received.

You will receive the second email once Tranzfar confirms that the money has been sent to your receiver.

All recipients will receive your transferred money directly into their bank accounts only.

The minimum and maximum transaction amounts will be as specified in the rate and fee calculator on our website.

Our guarantee is for money to take no longer than 24 hours to be sent. Tranzfar will aim for your transaction to be sent within 4 hours of which the funds were initially transferred when sent within working hours.

Please note that money sent on the weekend and on public holidays are not subject to this guarantee.

Tranzfar sends money to Nigerian, Ghanaian and Kenyan bank accounts (including mobile wallets).

Tranzfar offers competitive fees across all countries and payment corridors.

Tranzfar will endeavour to offer the best market rate at any given time.

Tranzfar is registered with the appropriate authorities in several countries Please visit  here for more details.

Promo codes can only be used by making transfers on our website.

To use your promo code you must first:

1.      Register your account on our website

2.      Set up a new recipient and make your transaction.

3.      Type in your promo code and click “APPLY CODE” at checkout under “Review Transaction”.

Freedom Frequently Asked Questions

You can register at and once your information is verified you can click on Freedom account to Pre-register. Once the service is live, you can opt-in for the package you want.

Yes, you can subscribe to one of three of our packages:

Quarterly Package - £40

Yearly Package - £125

The price depends on your currency choice of payment. Payment for each subscription is expected in advance of the service period.

1. Instant payments to any United Kingdom bank account

2. School Tuition, Accommodation and Maintenance cost payment

3. Direct Debits

4. Standing Orders

Standing Orders that fail due to lack of funds will not be retried, but a direct debit that fails due to lack of funds will be retried.

Customers can sign up and fund their accounts from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the USA, European Union Countries and the United Kingdom.

1. Our customers in Nigeria can use our Reverse payment system

2. Card or bank payment via IFX for other countries.

3. Bank transfer within the UK via UKFP.

When you refer a customer you earn £20 using the unique referral link associated with your account.

Our transaction fee for both Inbound and outbound payments is £0.50 per transaction.

No. The account does not generate interest.

24/7 customer service: The Tranzfar team offers 24/7 customer service across all the countries we operate.

Strategic Partnerships: We work with various partners from the relevant jurisdictions (USA, UK and EU) who offer biometric services for the onboarding and verification of our customers.

Regulatory Protection:We are regulated in all the different jurisdictions we transact in. Since these accounts are under the jurisdiction of the EU, US and UK, their local consumer rules and laws protect the users of these accounts.

Yes. You can use the send money option from your account

Yes. You can receive foreign currency payment into your account

In the unfortunate event of an account owner passing on, we will interface with the probate system in the relevant jurisdiction to resolve the account accordingly..

The Freedom Account product ultimately gives you three bank accounts. These accounts are domiciled in the EU, UK and US. You can use your freedom account to make local transactions in the aforementioned countries.

The Tranzfar platform does not facilitate gaming or crypto